Wood Nymph Meets Robin

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

My first attempt at Needle Felting

This handbag was my very first attempt at needle felting.  I needled felted the background by hand, using Merino tops.  I then quilted it and added the border all around.

The next one is also done by hand except for the strap which I did using a newly bought Janome felting machine.

Then I discovered Teddy Bears and from then on other animals developed.

This little fellow wanted to conduct a protest rally, when Adelaide Zoo turned down his generous offer of using him instead of the two pandas, imported from China.

Earnest Lee meets Amelia Loveheart

Earnest was my very first teddy bear followed shortly after by Amelia, Earnest had never seen another bear before let alone one as pretty as Amelia.  Poor little Amelia is such a little lady that he came over a bit too pushy when not knowing how to behave in company, he just had to have a closer look.

This one is a bit older than Amelia and loves having her photo taken.

Nearly forgot this one, all the above and this one too have been claimed by my daughter who collects small teddies so they have gone to a good home.

Here she is the little floozy doing a Marilyn.

Now for Beagles.
Whilst I waited on a pattern for making a beagle (Barbara Allen) I had a go at my own this is it and he's quite tiny.

The one on the left is another attempt, then my pattern arrived so except for the making of the armature that was done using Barbara's instructions.

I tried a kitten but it isn't all that great, it's something I'll get back to when my current interest in making heads starts to wane.